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Fed up with your usual blend of Cha? Chai Lounge is offering a unique range of teas, delivered straight to your door!

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Chai Lounge Tea is a wide range of high quality loose leaf tea to satisfy the tastes of all tea lovers. The great tasting tea infusions includes Rose, Ginger, Chocolate, Tiramisu, Fennel, Green tea, Camomile and more...

The Tulsi Tea Collection is an organic range which includes delicious and fragrant combinations of unique and exclusive blends of Tulsi Leaves (Holy Basil) with other exotic herbs, spices and the finest black or green tea.

Korakundah Organic Tea and Chamraj tea is produced in the blue mountains of South India at Nilgiris. The tea is grown at one of the highest elevations in the world, at an altitude of around 8000ft above sea level, thus greatly enhancing its flavour. Both Green and Black Korakundah teas are organic and create a distinctly superior brew. The Chamraj black tea combined with either mint or masala make an excellent herbal alternative, to be enjoyed at anytime!

Ché Mate is a revitalising herbal beverage. The leaves grow naturally in the subtropical iron-red soil of South America where mate has been enjoyed locally over the centuries. Maté is recognised around the world for its valuable nutrients and anti-oxidants and today millions benefit from its many virtues. Maté has been aptly called “ Nature’s most perfect beverage”.

For more information on the products that we currently have in stock please see links on the left or use the search function to find a particular tea you are interested in.

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